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"The coach you want to work with

if you want to improve your overall voice performance"

Public Speaking Coach Catrina Poor

trusted by clients from

Vienna Public Speaking Clients
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I'll teach you to be



& Memorable

In my lessons, you will gain a fundamental understanding of what creates a compelling speaker, allowing you to make lasting changes in your voice and presentation habits. 


Training packages

About me

Catrina Poor - Public Speaking Coach - Vienna

My name is Catrina Poor. I'm a professionally trained opera singer, actor and public speaking coach. I've performed on stages across the world, and worked with clients ranging from tech CEOs and professors, to radio personalities and Shakespearean actors. 

My performance techniques helped them become more clear, more memorable, and more effective. 

My skills are distilled from my experience on the stage into a program of vital tools, designed to bring your communication to the next level.

I'll teach you to grab an audience's attention and hold it; 

to own your stage, whether it's a meeting room with a new idea to pitch, ... or a conference with 5.000 people in the audience. 

With me, your voice will become your

greatest asset.

My Method
Work with me
Keyboard and Mouse

Work with me

Book a 60 minute online coaching, where we evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to create a bespoke lesson plan that will help you permanently improve your public speaking skills, and become more memorable, and convincing.

my method

Catrina Poor - Public Speaking Coach - Acting Coach - Vienna

With exercises tailored to address 

your specific challenges,

I'll help you recognise and overcome

the tensions that hold you back.   

I'll teach you to control your nerves, 

structure your talking points, and build interest and 

anticipation in your audience, recreating the adrenaline of the work environment

right here in my studio.

With techniques I've developed over 10 years as a performer, I'll teach you to naturally improve your diction, breathing and vocal timbre.


What my clients have to say


"Highly recommended.

If you want to improve your overall voice performance, Catrina Poor is the coach you want to work with.

She has the ability to explain every single nuance when it comes to the art of speaking/singing,

no matter how abstract the matter at hand might appear.

I'm an academically trained conference interpreter

who has been working in the language business for over a decade,

and yet Mrs. Poor was able to provide me with an astonishing amount of new information

that helped me to improve my performances significantly.

To top it off, she is a very kind and funny person.   

5 stars!"

Armin Innerhofer
Founder & Entrepreneur (SPRACHFACTORY)
Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 11.52.59.png

"Catrina Poor is a wonderful and passionate teacher,

whether it´s her acting, speech or Shakespeare classes.

She helped me navigate through complex plays and characters with her

knowledge, wit and flexibility.

Always supportive and looking for what would benefit me the most and make me

grow as an actor, in a warm and welcoming environment.

She definitely is my number 1 recommendation for actors who

want to expand their acting skills.  No matter if you are a beginner or a full-time pro.


A true treasure for the Viennese acting community!"

M.T. König
Professional Actor
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