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We already know the problems. 

Tights are annoying.  They roll up, dig in, run, rip, sweat and stretch.

They're awkward to adjust in public, and it can be frustrating trying to find the right length for your size.  If they don't squeeze around the thigh, they sag around the knee. . . or crotch. . . or both.

But for us skirt wearers, tights are necessary for keeping warm and

wearing shoes when we aren't going for the skirt and sock aesthetic.


The solution I found came simply from wearing the undergarments that was designed for the dresses I wear - most of which are straight out of the 50s. 

It's a good old, classic ... garter belt and stockings.


For me, this solved all the problems. 

It was cheaper, more comfortable, more fun and it made shopping a LOT easier.  Plus it made me feel like a diva.


First and most important is to get a comfortable garter belt that's right for your body and the look you want.

I wanted a very smooth, lightweight and breathable garter belt that I could wear under any skirt, no matter how floaty or see-through.  Something like this

Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 23.00.23.png
Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 23.00.12.png

At the end, I'll tell you all the details of what I think makes a good garter belt.  For now, let me tell you what makes garter belts so great to wear.


With a garter belt, you have more choices.   

The only part that has to fit is the legs, so you can buy ANY pair of tights that you like, and just . . . cut the legs off . . . no sewing required!


You can also, of course, buy the specially made stockings - which are often quite fancy.


Garter belts are completely size adjustable. 


They fasten with hooks, just like a bra, so you can loosen or tighten them depending on how your body is feeling that day.

They also leave the sweatiest part of your body free to breathe, which is great in the summer, and every time you have your "time of the month".


It's SO much easier to go to the bathroom.  


With nothing but the suspenders along the sides of your legs, whatever point your stockings attach to your garter belt is how much room you have to pull down your panties.


No more wrestling with control top tights and then trying to pull them back up without making a run. 


Stockings last MUCH longer, and are cheeper

Tights become much more cost-effective when you wear them as cut-off stockings, because you only have to throw away one leg if it wears out.

The stocking doesn't have to deal with the friction of walking and rubbing between the thighs, so they are under much less stress, and simply don't wear out as fast. And when it finally does start to stretch out, you can simply tighten up the fastening on the garter belt itself!

10x longer wearable life.  



If you want to get creative  - it's easy to mix and match!

and when it gets cold out, you can easily wear two layers of stockings without any additional pressure or thickness around your belly,


What makes a good garter belt

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Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 18.59.11.png

We're really looking at just a few important factors.

1 -  Is it comfortable?

2 - Does it stay in place and do its job?

3 - Do you like the way it looks?

Strip of elastic around the waist

I find these to be more decorative than supportive.

Unless the stockings are able to stay up on their own, this style of belt will sag over the course of the day.

This is because the only support is coming from the tightness of the waistband, rather than any kind of fit or shaping.

Elastic support around the hips

This style is great for daily wear.  They are comfortable, practical and effective.

Support comes from the fit of the garter belt around the hips, rather than simply from tightness around the waist.

This also allows the material to be thinner and more delicate, making it almost invisible under the clothing.

While satin style garter belts provide great coverage and a smooth line, I find them slightly sweaty,

My preference is for super lightweight, smooth lace or mesh. 

Control-top support around the midriff and thighs

These are great if you're going for a very smooth look or wearing a pencil skirt.

They're a bit more 'present' than I like, since I prefer to forget about the garter belt altogether, but they certainly provide more support around the waist, without constricting annoyingly around the crotch.

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